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Fascinating: The viral life-stream effect send your business card in the whole world. Translated into all languages.

stream life makes your business card, your company, your products and services worldwide known and discoverable. Your business card is translated and indexed in all languages. Do you have "real estate agent" and "Berlin" stand on your business card? Then They are also found in Italian under "agenzie immobiliari berlino"! And simultaneously in 23 other languages, by 2 billion internet users and in 193 countries. How to Gain new contacts, clients and business partners. In your town - or across the globe.

The lingolife system: Immediately Contact with new clients. Even if you do not speak their language. Per PC and App.

New prospective reports the lingolife app quickly on your smartphone and your PC and you can instantly communicate with your prospective customers via chat. Built translator: The lingolife app helps your chat communication in real time in 24 languages ​​to translate. Chat eg with Asian buyers in Chinese or in 23 other languages.

Referral program: High lifetime commissions and residual income.

Make Money with stream life. It's simple for everyone. You need only a PC and a phone. Earn high commissions, international and over 12 levels - simply by recommendation by e-mail or social media. Take advantage of the next mega-trend: communication without language barrier and the viral life-stream effect. One of the world's fastest growing and most dynamic systems on the Internet.